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VPN PaloAlto GlobalProtect Configuration

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The GlobalProtect client allows you to use the UniTN network resources in the same way you can do in your office but from a remote site (home network or any internet connection) and it supports Windows,MacOS and Linux clients.

The GlobalProtect Mobile client is available on the app stores (Android/Apple) and can be used on mobile clients.

For security reasons, access to the VPN is only allowedto clients fulfilling a minimum security baseline:

  • Windows: Supported OS ( Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 ), automatic updates enabled, antivirus installed
  • MacOSX: Supported OS ( OSX Version 10.13 o later), automatic updates enabled
  • Linux: Automatic updates enabled (CentOS, RehHat, Ubuntu)

Supported devices and Operating Systems

Internet traffic will still flow from the active connection (ADSL, etc) while only the Unitn traffic will be routed into the tunnel (Spilt Tunnel Mode)

If you already have the GlobalProtect client installed on your PC, you can add another connection profile following these instructions: Adding a new VPN profile

GlobalProtect Download

You can install the GlobalProtect client in two ways:

- Navigate to URL and follow step 1)

Otherwise you can download it from the download page and jump to step 4)

1) login with your UniTN credentials on :

2) download the correct version

3) finish the download

4) start the executable file and follow the default options in the installer

5) After the installation, the GlobalProtect client will start automatically. Fill in the Portal field:


6) Click on Connect, insert your UniTN credentials and confirm on Connect


7) Wait until status “Connected”, now it is possible to use internal UniTN Network resources

8) If you click on the upper right corner on the client you'll be able to navigate the settings page. On the Details tab you can see connection details


GlobalProtect Mobile

  • Download the client on Play/App Store, searching for “globalprotect”.
  • Launch the app, in the Portal section, insert

  • When asked, insert the University credentials in the format and click on Sign IN:

GlobalProtect for Linux

Get the client from the download page

Install the package using the commands related to your Linux distribution:

Debian Based: dpkg -i GlobalProtect_deb-
RedHat Based: rpm -ivh GlobalProtect_rpm-5.2.30-10.rpm

After the installation, you can use the globalprotect command line tool to manage the VPN connection:

Connect: globalprotect connect --portal --username
Disconnect: globalprotect disconnect

macOS Catalina

NB: if you are using MacOS Catalina, before being able to establish the connection, you have to go to: Settings —> Security and Privacy —> General as you can see below e click on “Open Anyway”

Blocked resources

Users connection with unsupported operating systems will not be able to access the following resources:

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