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802.1x Windows XP Spk3

If this is the first time that the computer is connected via 802.1x authentication must enable the service.

Enabling the service

  • Click the Start button in the Search box, type services.msc and then press ENTER.
  • On the Services tab that opens, look for the service named Wired AutoConfig right-click and select Properties.
  • Change the item Startup type from Manual to Automatic.
  • If the service status is Stopped, click on the Start button.

Settings Supplicant 802.1x

  • Open the settings for the network adapter: DX-click on the icon of the LAN connection (lower right) then select Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • DX-click on the connection for which you want to enable 802.1x authentication then select Properties.
  • Click on tab Authentication and then select the check boxes Enable IEEE 802.1X authentication, Cache user information….
  • Selezionare Protected EAP (PEAP) come metodo di autenticazione di rete.

  • Click on the button Settings and on the Protected EAP Properties window that appears check that:
    • is checked Validate server certificate choosing from the Trusted Root Certification Authorities the voice AddTrust External CA Root,
    • the authentication method selected is Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)

The following configuration is required only for PC NOT in the unitn domain (for PC in the unitn domain skip this step)

  • Click the Configure button, then from the Properties window that appears EAP MASCHAPv2 deselect the item Automatically use…. as shown below:

  • After connecting the network cable when prompted, enter your unitn credentials

In the event that the credentials are not recognized you will be automatically redirected to a Captive Portal authentication.


Forzare la riautenticazione:

  • Deselezionare il flag Memorizza informazioni utente per… quindi disattivare/riattivare la scheda di rete:

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