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Connecting Printers

  • Navigate to System PreferencesPrint and Scan
  • Click the + button to add a new printer
  • Control-Click (or mouse right-click) on the Toolbar and select Customize Toolbar
  • Drag the Advanced icon onto the bar, then click the newly added Advanced button
  • Select Type: Windows printer via spoolss device type
  • Enter URL, such as: smb:⁄ ⁄ ⁄ printer_name (Tip: printer_name is the printer's share name; i.e. “PF_CC_p2_NordEst_Colore”)
  • In Name field, enter a friendly and informative printer name. (i.e. “TOSHIBA e-Studio 2820c”)
  • Choose a driver for this printer by pulling down the drop-down box Use and selecting Select Software (if the proper driver is missing, download it before this procedure)
  • Click the Add button
  • Test print and when asked use the correct UNITN credentials. (see image below)


  • if authentication fails try with the credentials in this form:

N.B.: Printers all have a name (it also appears on the label on them) composed as follow: PI_p0_Portineria_Colore

  • PI (o PF) = Palazzo Istruzione (o Palazzo Fedrigotti)
  • p0 = Ground Zero
  • Portineria = Place identification where the printer is located
  • Colore = Printer type (Color or Black and White)

CRITICAL: If you have changed your UNITN password you must delete the previously saved credentials, to do this:

  • Using the quick search, in the upper left, open the application keychainselect the entry for the printer

  • Control-Click (or mouse right-click) select delete → at request confirm

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